Wednesday, May 11, 2011

School Is Over (For Now)

So, I haven't written in a while because I was working on final projects and studying for final exams, etc. Anyway, I am now home(Jeremy is too). We got our grades back this week and I got all As except my exercise class which is a one hour credit based on attendance (and I hurt my foot). So with my other 18 hours I have a 3.94 this semester! Yay! Not to shabby! :)
Well, other than that not to much eventful has happened.... :/ we are going to start exercising today. We are going to walk in the National Military Park in a little bit. Then, the boys(Mickey and Jeremy) are going to swim while I lay by the pool and get some much needed sun! :)

Well, thats all for now. Not too much going on!

More Later!

-Alanna :)

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