Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back To School... Back To School... To Prove To Dad I'm Not A Fool..

So, It's been a little bit since I've written on here. A lot has happened. We are now completely moved back into our apartment in Cleveland. Night Classes start tomorrow. Day Classes start Tuesday. I'm ready to start our new classes and get this semester going.

Anyway, While I was at the school bookstore (only buying necessities, I might add), I was looking through the discount book bin (which is a necessity), and I found a book Called Monkey Portraits. I found this amazing "monkey portrait" in it and had to take a snapshot of it to share.
Monkey Portraits

Also in the bookstore, I got this new YakPak Purse.(Yet Again a NECESSITY).

On Monday night we went to La Cabana for Sarah's 21st Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!! Here is a picture of me and Jeremy there! :)

 On Wednesday, We received a tiny little package from Renee in the mail. She told us she was sending something but wouldn't tell what it was. When we opened the package, we found these ITTY BITTY bottles of Tabasco sauce. :) She knew we would get a kick out of them, so she sent them to us out of Aaron's MREs. Aren't they so CUTE!

 Here is a little snapshot of Sissy and Jeremy, hanging out, playing Xbox. :)

 On Saturday, Phi Mu Alpha hosted a cookout for the Band kids for the last day of band camp. Here are a couple shots with/of our favorite Skipper, David Mason!
With Skipper David Mason

This Skipper's Got Some Captian In Him!

Well, That's about. I think I have pretty much covered everything for right now. I'm sure I will have plenty to write about in the next couple of days as soon as school starts! 

More Later!

-Alanna :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pet Switch-a-roo

Lately we have been doing alot with our pets.

Yesterday, after talking about it a week ago, Turtle went to a new home with Lacey and Glenn! Turtle (who never really got called anything but that) is now named Bowzer :) Here he is on his way to his new home!

He is trying to E-Scap- e ! :)

And, when we go back to school next week, we are taking Sissy with us. She is the cowboy corgi that usually stays at my moms house. She will now be "Jeremy's dog" and I think some how she knows because ever since we decided to take her with us, she has been sitting by him and watching him play video games, etc. Like so:

Haha So, that about it for now. Not much else is going on right now.

More later!

-Alanna :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Working At The Car Wash!!

So, last week we pretty much just hung out and packed a few things to take back to school.

We also went to the pool with John, Jessica, and the kids! Here's John having fun in the little tube! Haha

After that we packed up on Thursday and headed to Cleveland on Friday. We unpacked the car and hung up the new poster Jessica and John gave us.(which is awesome!) AND it fits perfectly on the wall where nothing else fits!

After that, we headed to Southaven to do a Carwash Fundraiser for Phi Mu Alpha on Saturday! Here are some pictures from that!!

So sad some of the guys (and girls) couldn't be there though! They missed out!!

So, now we are ready to go back to school this saturday and work on cleaning everything up and getting all of the things we still need to move and unpack settled!

Let's do this!

More Later!

-Alanna :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tacos, TrueBlood, and Trivial Pursuit

So, last night was fun! We went to John and Jessica's house for tacos before Our Show!(TrueBlood of course) We had tacos and then played the Trivial Pursuit card game, which was very fun, while we waited on time for the show!

Here are a few snapshots of what we do while waiting for TrueBlood! (besides playing games and having the most awesome homemade shakes ever! -Thanks, Jessica!!)

Haha well that's all for now!

Bunco tonight!

More Later!

-Alanna :)