Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pet Switch-a-roo

Lately we have been doing alot with our pets.

Yesterday, after talking about it a week ago, Turtle went to a new home with Lacey and Glenn! Turtle (who never really got called anything but that) is now named Bowzer :) Here he is on his way to his new home!

He is trying to E-Scap- e ! :)

And, when we go back to school next week, we are taking Sissy with us. She is the cowboy corgi that usually stays at my moms house. She will now be "Jeremy's dog" and I think some how she knows because ever since we decided to take her with us, she has been sitting by him and watching him play video games, etc. Like so:

Haha So, that about it for now. Not much else is going on right now.

More later!

-Alanna :)

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