Monday, September 20, 2010

P90x Take 2!

Okay. So P90x didn't work so well last time because we had a break from school and Who Wants To Exercise Over Their First Break From School?? No one. So, I decided I am gonna do it early in the mornings before school or later at night after school. And Jeremy is going to do whatever it is that he does to get fit and sexy... It doesn't take much(stupid men).

Well, anyway, it was a pretty good Monday. I got an email this morning that Typography was cancelled and I almost cried. (WITH JOY!!) Then I went to 3D Design and work on another tiara and wand. I went back to the apartment to watch Letters to Juliet with Jeremy and have lunch. We had a nice time hanging out and spending time together, but then I had to get down to business and study for my history of photography exam. It was a lot of stuff to remember but I am almost positive I got an A. After that I came home and just watched Greek with Jeremy online and we had dinner and went to class. Then, that is when I did P90x..... Now my butt is whipped and I'm ready for bed. Well that's pretty much it for tonight.

More Later!

-Alanna :)

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