Sunday, July 31, 2011

Books and Birthdays

So, last week, Jeremy, Mickey, and I went to the Public Library. I finally got a new library card to replace the one that got stolen in my purse.... when i was 10. 

So, that tells you how long ago it was when I went to the library! We also went downstairs and looked in the book mart and I got 6 books for $1.50! :) (because it is 25 cents per inch of books)

After our trip to the Library, I was inspired to make a Kindle Cover for myself that would be more my style. VERY BOOK-ISH( No. That is not a word. I just made it up.) So here is the finished result!

 Last weekend, we went to Jackson to celebrate Laiken's Birthday! Here are a couple pictures of our first Build-A-Bear Experience!

Then, on Wednesday was Laiken's Spa Barbie Birthday Party.

Dad was in charge of painting the birthday girls nails! :)
The Birthday Girl

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More Later

-Alanna :)

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