Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Wedding And A Funeral (minus the funeral)

So we've been SUPER busy this past weekend! Friday we went to Jackson for Renee and Aaron's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was fun and the food was great! :) (that and we decorated the church and reception hall to get everything ready for Saturday!)

While we were in Jackson, we hopped on over to the Best Buy in Madison and I had forgotten that they have awesome parking. The front parking spots are Reserved For Fuel Efficient Vehicles Only (I.e. Our Camry!) :)

Saturday we were VERY VERY busy doing wedding stuff and I took photos but I'll put some of those up later! (here is an iPhone snapshot to hold you over until then)

Then, Sunday we went to a BBQ for Renee and Aaron!

We went to Jackson Monday to the Hobby Lobby and Jeremy found a Centurion Hat(Rory Pond Style)!

And yesterday we went to see Renee and Aaron off as they left to move all of Renee's stuff to North Carolina!

We are really gonna miss her but we are so happy for her and Aaron. :) WE LOVE YOU, RENEE!! ( you too Aaron :) )

Well, that's all for now!

More Later!!

-Alanna :)

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