Friday, March 4, 2011

Breaking News Update :)

Ha. Just kidding. But news none the less! I have not bitten my nails since last Friday! :) and I painted then for the first time in months yesterday! So here is the "Breaking News Update" photo for my nail biting progress.

Pretty good for about 7 days and I even had to clip the scraggly ends some at first! :) I'm sure by next week the results will be much more impressive. :)

Other than that, we, Megan and I, finished out stopmotion video for class Monday and viewed it on the cheaper projector Wednesday. We get to view it again today on the MUCH better projector. I'm pretty proud of it seeing as it is my first one. I might try to upload it to YouTube today. I can't wait to make more and to start working on my Wedding Save the Date Stopmotion! :) I think it is going to be pretty cute and fun, not to mention unique. :)

Also this week, we went down town to cotton row for Digital Photo, and took Night Photos for fun! One of my favorite things. I would have had a lot more fun, however, if my camera wasn't messed up so that I had to turn it off and back on after EVERY photo. It gets kind of annoying, considering I took close to 100 photos. But, I can't get a new camera right now, so I'll have to wait until after school is done and the wedding is done.

Well, that's about all for this week and today so far but I'll probably be writing again later because we are going to see Hairspray tonight at the Panola Playhouse! :) can't wait.

More Later!

-Alanna :)

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