Monday, March 14, 2011

A VERY Productive Weekend

So, we had a very busy, but productive weekend!

Friday, I took my 2 weeks of no nail biting picture. Here it is.

Not to shabby! By next week they will look like nice regular fingernails and I'll paint them up all pretty! :)

Saturday, we did A LOT of things. We got up early. Went to get donuts and headed to Meme's house. Mom, Celeste, Stephanie, Laiken, Beth, Lacey, and I all loaded up in the car and when to Monroe to go wedding dress shopping(again). First we went to Anitra'a. They had some really nice dresses but most of the selections in my size where picked over or gone so not alot for me to try on. Then we went to The Bridal Shop (owned by the same people as King of Hearts in Vivksburg) and I tried on 3 dresses there and the 3rd one was THE ONE! That means it was almost exactly number 75 in the whole search that I've tried on! :) lol So we ordered it and it will be in some time in July! Yay. Now I can concentrate on bridesmaid/ flower girl dresses.(and a lot of other things!) So here we all are after finding the dress.

And another (because stephanie had to take the other picture ). :)

After that we went to lunch at a little Italian place that was recommended to us by the people at The Bridal Shop.

Then, we went to Michael's, where Laiken insisted that she didn't see what was so "artsy and crafty" about the things in the store! Lol

Then we went to the mall. Where to Laiken and Beth's delights they have a 2 story carousel. :)

Then after that we left to go eat and go home. We stopped at the Red Top in Tullulah to eat. Then we went home and we were all tired. Especially Laiken and Beth.

On Sunday, Jeremy and I slept in until 11:00. Then we got ready and when to Meme's house for lunch. After that, we left there an went to shoot with his dad at the range in Byrum. I didn't do so hot with the hand guns but I was pretty good with his new .22 and the fancy scope he has! :) the first time I shot on a big regulation target.

10 shots fired. 10 inside the circle. Not too bad.

The second tine I shot on one if the little 1"x1" square stickers.

20 shits. Only 1 really out of formation(I had a little mishap with the ammo not feeding itself out of the clip right so it was a little bit of a test shot) other than that I had a nice grouping going on!
After we were done there, we went to look around at Best Buy and then we ate at Applebee's. after that we came home exhausted. That was about it for our weekend.

More Later!

-Alanna :)

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