Friday, July 16, 2010

Cleaning and Packing!

So, as you've guessed Jeremy and I cleaned up the house and packed things to take to the Apartment tomorrow. We did this all with some assistance from our "little helper". :)

Ain't he the cutest thing? Haha

Anyway, we pit all of the small things I'm storage containers to take with us tomorrow, and we moved all of the larger furniture into the middle of the living room so it would be easier for dad to load and bring on Sunday! I'm so excited about seeing the whole apartment once we move all of our furniture and stuff in! :) So, that is about it for what we did today. Pretty much everything else is just boring. We went to eat dinner with the family because it's Friday, as usual. Now we are at home Watching as many episodes of Big Bang Theory as we can before bed. I know. Oh, the exciting life we lead. :) Don't be jealous. Well, gotta go watch more BBT. More later!

-Alanna :)

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