Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Fresh Start!

I decided it was time for a new look and a fresh start! So here is my new and improved blog. I am going to try to start keeping up with it and writing a little something every day about what is going on in my life. This may not happen because I am about to dive into the very busy world of an Art Student at DSU. That's right! I am now majoring in Graphic Design, which is where I think I should have been all along. I feel like this is going to be perfect for me and I just can't wait to get started. I mean, what is not to love about a major that requires you to get a new Mac Book Pro and CS5 as your "school supplies"! That's my kind of Text book. Now I just have to learn to use it all. Well, more later, like I said i'm going to "try" to keep writing every day. Thanks for reading.

-Alanna :)

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