Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hair: Fashion and Fantasy

So, My Meme and I went to a Fashion and Fantasy Hair show in Clinton, MS last night. It was held at the Mississippi Institute of Aesthetics, Nails, and Cosmetology, where my sister Lacey goes to school. I got to see some of the prep and decorating last week before it was finished, so here are some pictures of what they had done last week.

Last night, the little room that usually serves as the Beginner Class Room was PACKED! There were probably 100 people in there. But, it was for The American Cancer Society, so it all went to a good cause. The fashion show portion was fun and silly because alot of the people were from the school, with the exception of a few "Bombshell Girls" from the Pink Bombshell that came out to support the cause, which was so nice. However, the part of the show I came to see was at the very end. The Fantasy Hair Competition! I couldn't get good runway pictures because OF COURSE I forgot my good camera! Thankfully, I had my pocket camera in my purse so i could take some pictures of them afterwards. I got pictures of 4 out of the six so that isn't half bad. (it's actually 2/3 bad) Anyway, Here are the pictures of Fantasy Hair.

The Statue Of Liberty!

Hello Kitty! Cleaning up :)

Again! Trying to Get all of her make up off still! :)

Peacock! So beautiful!

And the WINNER! This one is Amazing! It's 50% The Red Queen and 50% The Mad Hatter and 100% Alice in Wonderland. I thought this was the most Amazing thing I have ever seen in Hair!

Well, That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed seeing them last night. More later!

-Alanna :)

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