Thursday, July 8, 2010

A hoppin' good day!

So, today was a lazy day. Jeremy came to pick me up. We went to eat lunch with my sister Lacey in Clinton. She was on her lunch break from cosmetology school. We decided to try the new restaurant down stairs from the school, but in the same plaza, so we would have plenty of time for her to get back before her hour was up.

The name of the restaurant is The Irish Frog. We were very surprised to see a familiar face as soon as we came in, Josh Welch , the owner of The Froghead Grill! Then, it all started to click. The Irish Frog-The Froghead Grill! We were so excited that we had decided to eat there and we got to try all of the new items that are SO different from Froghead, but at the same time are sure to be favorites for the same reasons as those of their purely American counter part. The food is different, yet simple and delicious. And when the complimentary appetizer is something like Homemade Salt and Vinegar Chips(pictured above) how can you go wrong! We are sure to come back for one of the many fun Music events they have planned this month too!

Check out for more information and the full menu! We hope you love it as much as we did. And it's always great to try and keep your business local.

Well, more later! We have so much to do before we go to Cleveland tomorrow to start cleaning and painting.

-Alanna :)

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