Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Birthday Cake and Bowling

Today, we Got up and ate breakfast. Then we watched some more movies. After that, we went to campus to get our parking decals. I decided to take a picture of the "ART" outside of the art building where I will be most of the time.

After our little excursion, we went back to the apartment for lunch. We watched some more tv and took a nap. (yes a nap. Because we are old foggies... Lol) Also, my new Mark. make up for school came in the mail today!! :)

Anyway, after our nap, we got up and went to get Sarah an ice-cream cake for her birthday! :) she was REALLY surprised! We played some Wii and decided that we should go REAL bowling, so we got in the car and went. We got there an realized I'd lost my wallet.... Thank God, Jeremy went to search for it while we warmed up and found it at the baskin robins where we got the cake! We had fun bowling, even though none of us dis very well. :) Here is a little picture of my Bowling attire.

I know, right? Nice. :) well, now we are back home, safe and sound. Ready for bed. Another day of "who knows what" tomorrow. :)

More Later!

-Alanna :)

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