Saturday, August 14, 2010

Losing Weight and Feeling Great

So, I just thought I would Blog a little bit about what Jeremy and I have been doing for the past week to lose weight. We both got this app for our iPhones to count calories. If you put in your weight and your goal weight and tell it how many pounds a week you want to lose it will tell you how many calories you can eat a day to reach your goal. It's called Lose It! and it's working. We started doing it last saturday and It's been a week today! We got on the Wii Fit and weighed our selves the 1st day. Then we got on again on monday. It said I'd lost just over 2 pounds already just by watching what I was eating and NOT SNACKING! Then I got on again today and it said I'd lost another 2 pounds. I was like NO WAY! but anyway other than that we've been doing the Wii Fit a little when friends(like Sarah and Josh) come over. And today we biked 3 miles to Bear Pen Park (Granted I got so hot we had to call Josh to come get us....) :) but maybe when it gets cooler we can try again. It felt great to do something active today.

Other than that, we sat around and watched One Tree Hill all day again today. We are almost done with season one. Then we'll be on to season two. Well, so far that's pretty much it for today. Nothing that exciting here. We're just trying to get everything together and ready for school to start Monday. I'm very nervous and excited. I'm sure I'll write about the first day. Well, That's all for now. I have a feeling we are going to get ready for bed VERY soon.

More Later!

-Alanna :)

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