Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nice Restful Weekend

So, I finished up last week pretty good. I finished my 3D Design project on Friday. It's due tomorrow. It is a Lamp(and matching light bulb) covered in electrical cords. It also has a chain pull made of old wire connector pieces. Here it is!

Then, We went out to dinner on friday night at Lost Dog Pizza.
It was our first time there and it was VERY good! They had a special on a large 2 topping pizza and 6 wings. So, that's what we got. Boneless Hot wings and a Large Pepperoni Pineapple Pizza :) Mmmmm... It was SO good. Then, we rented Cirque De Freak: The Vampire's Assistant from Redbox. We've been wanting to see it but hadn't had a chance. It was good, too. :) Although, it was a little different from the books.

Then, on Saturday, I woke up at 7:00 and finished the final touches on my Typography Project #1. So, here that is! (note: all of the pictures are made out of L's)
After I finished the work on computer, We went to the art building to use the paper cutter to cut out my illustration to put on the board. Then, we went to the Boys' Reserve Team Soccer game. That was fun. We got to sit with Megan and Renee. After that, we hung out with Sarah, Josh R., Josh T., and Brittany at Josh's house. That's about it for Saturday.

Today, we just lounged around the house, and watched The Spy Next Door, which was a very cute movie. Then we did Wii fit a little and now we are getting ready to make/eat dinner and get ready to go watch True Blood at Meg and Keith's house! :) YAY TRUE BLOOD!

Anyway, That's about all for Today.

More Later!

-Alanna :)

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